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Pyro / LED / Barman SHOW

The fire show fan is a real theater of fire, an amazing performance in which the performers perform incredible tricks with fire and pyrotechnic items under the inflammatory music. The wedding fire  show fan is a chic finale of the most important celebration in life. The enormous flaming mixture of fire, dancing and pyrotechnics is a delight for all guests. And pyrotechnic hearts and names of newlyweds will make the show truly spectacular!

Fire show:

Рrogram 2-15  (2 artists, duration of the show is 15 minutes)

 Program 3-15  (3 artists duration of the show is 15 minutes)

Program 4-20  (4 artists, duration of the show is 20 minutes)

 Program 7-30  (7 artists+ acrobatics and chopper +The duration of the show is 30 minutes)

To indoors the LED show:

 Program 3-15  (three artists, duration 15 minutes)

Bartender show