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» Pyro / LED / Barman SHOW

Pyro / LED / Barman SHOW

Beautiful shows for a variety of entertainment on your holiday

Ordering incredibly delicious food and drinks for any celebration is only half the battle. As they say, our soul is not satisfied with bread alone. Hardly anyone remembers what an amazing salad it tasted like, or how interesting this or that cocktail was. But the best food for memories and impressions are bright colorful shows that can impress even the most avid skeptic. Fortunately, today the choice of entertainment programs is more than wide, so you can choose the perfect entertainment for every taste.

Order a fire show, LED show or bartender show cheap

How best to choose a show for a wedding, anniversary or on the occasion of city celebrations? Relying solely on their own preferences and wishes. You can entrust the planning of the show, as well as the performance to us, having studied the range of our best offers for different types of celebrations.
Why is it so important to include good entertainment in your personal celebrations? Despite the fact that today the consumer has access to everything, finding something unique, memorable and incredible is becoming more difficult every year. And it’s no secret that guests, as a rule, remember not a variety of dishes and drinks, but unique moments that leave in the memory and in the hearts of vivid memories that will warm up for many years.
Why should you entrust this important task to the specialists of Pirozabava? The fact is that our staff consists exclusively of professional performers and artists who know perfectly well how to fulfill the wishes of customers. Moreover, you can be absolutely sure that we work in accordance with safety precautions, which ensures that everything will take place at a high professional level. You can find out the details right now.

Show options from the company “Pirozabava”

The fire show is a real magic of fire, perfectly complemented by beautiful pyrotechnic effects. Inflammatory music is a great accompaniment, which will enhance the effect. The duration of the show, as well as the availability of additional artists, you can pre-agree with us.
LED show is a wonderful game of light and shadow, bright and dark. The program includes several interesting dances performed by artists in beautiful glowing costumes. In addition to the general program, you will enjoy additional interesting effects and numbers.
We draw your attention to the fact that all programs can involve two or more artists. In this way, you will get a more intense show, in which the action will develop rapidly, gradually bringing you to the climax. Of particular note are the shows, which include up to ten artists, as well as acrobatic effects that will not leave indifferent not only children but also adults. This is a real theater that deserves special attention.
If you want to surprise your guests with delicious drinks and their combination – you just can not do without a good bartender show. You can agree on the details now by contacting us.
Turn your holiday into a real bright theater with the best entertainment programs from the company “Pyrozabava”!

Fire show:

Рrogram 2-15  (2 artists, duration of the show is 15 minutes)

 Program 3-15  (3 artists duration of the show is 15 minutes)

Program 4-20  (4 artists, duration of the show is 20 minutes)

 Program 7-30  (7 artists+ acrobatics and chopper +The duration of the show is 30 minutes)

To indoors the LED show:


💡 By ordering the recommended LED show program, you will receive:

✔️3 artists in exclusive light suits
Різних7 different dances (numbers)
✔️10 varieties of LED and pixel props
HAPPY FONT (confetti + CO2 gun) 🎉🎉🎉
We drive a car
The author’s LASER STAR
✔️15mins of fantastic sight !!!

When ordering a wedding image of newlyweds – as a gift 💝


 Program 3-15  (three artists, duration 15 minutes)

Bartender show