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» The first dance

The first dance

The first dance is an event that is remembered by newlyweds for many years. Of course, the main role here is played by well-chosen musical accompaniment of the first dance. However, do not forget about the special effects, which not only can become an ornament of dance, but can also hide some technical inaccuracies.

Among these special effects, which are chosen for their first dance by young and novice dancers, you can select

The heavy smoke –  that stays on the floor at the time of the wedding dance is, above all, an unforgettable charming picture! And this picture allows all guests to dip into the atmosphere of a mysterious magic world. Give this fairy tale and your guests!

Soap bubbles – well-tuned light and hundreds of soap bubbles flying around, turn the wedding dance into a charming and romantic action!

Confetti – flowing from the tube, beautiful and spectacular.

Candy flakes are safe, do not contain explosives, work easily. The best effect is achieved with the simultaneous use of at least four shells.

Cold fountains – will affect all those present more than salutes, because they give an opportunity to be in the immediate vicinity of the fire show and see everything from the distance of the elongated hand, it is recommended 7-9 pcs.

We offer special effects for the first dance rental at, we also offer sweets cleaning service.