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Safety rules in contact with pyrotechnic articles

Despite the expansion of the modern range of pyrotechnic products, they still include explosive components that can be harmful if used improperly by both the user and the environment. That is why, having decided to try something new that you have not used before, read in detail the basic rules that will save health and life for you and the audience, as well as nearby facilities.

Interaction with fireworks

  1. If you are launching a salute, pay attention to the distance recommended by the manufacturer, from the installation to the spectator, as well as to the buildings. In this way, sparks from fireworks will not fall on people’s heads, as well as on the roofs of houses.
  2. If any charges do not work and fall to the ground, do not lift them and look inside. They can still be dangerous.
  3. In no case do not launch fireworks very close to buildings, because even the smallest caliber of charge when directly hit the window can completely destroy the building.
  4. Each package with salute contains complete information on the correct installation, as well as the launch algorithm. It is important to follow all these rules as accurately as possible without deviations.
  5. Once the salute has worked, it is important to leave it for a while. Never look inside. Some of the charges can work in a few minutes, which will lead to tragedy.
  6. We also draw your attention to the fact that it is not recommended to buy fireworks with more than 200 charges. These are intended for professional use.

General rules of conduct with pyrotechnics

  • Before buying and using pyrotechnics, it is important to make sure that the expiration date has not yet expired. Some substances become unpredictable and deadly during long-term storage.
  • Never decide to check what is inside the pyrotechnics. Violation of the integrity of the packaging can be dangerous.
  • Defective pyrotechnic articles should not be used.
  • Do not carry pyrotechnics in your pockets, as they can be friction-prone, as a result of which you may be injured.
  • If you run pyrotechnics at home (for example, sparklers), be sure to ventilate the room.
  • Combustion products can damage your respiratory system.
  • Do not throw unused pyrotechnics into a fire or fireplace, as this can lead to unintended results.