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» EXCLUSIVE fireworks » Mix 92 (20-50 mm, 92 shots)

Mix 92 (20-50 mm, 92 shots)

2800 грн.

Caliber: 20-25-30-50mm / Number of charges: 92 / Flight altitude: up to 50 m / The principle of charge departure: vertical / fan / Manufacturer: Agency holiday / Hours: 50 sec

The Salute Mix 92 consists of nine different effects that work alternately vertically and radially. The final is reinforced with 50 mm caliber and golden comets.
Place the narrow side to the viewer, according to the direction of the arrow

There are 2 wicks on the Fireworks: the main “start” and the reserve “reserve”. It is necessary to set fire to 1 wick, with the inscription “START”.
You do not need to remove the protective paper, the stretch in which the fireworks are wrapped.
Due to the large selection of pyrotechnics, the option of the effects of the final volley that you have may differ from those in the video.

Work time

50 sec

Flight height

50 m

Caliber 50 mm.
Number of charges 51-99 charges