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Dry ice

70 грн.

Dry ice is used for making cocktails, the first dance, for storing food and for experiments and the like. Food, non-toxic, does not cause a fire alarm, does not leave stains skinny. Sending from the city of Cherkasy or Lviv (production) is possible only if 100% payment in advance on the eve, but no later than 12 in the morning, if sent on the same day. Payment by card. If the current account, then + 20%. Payment upon receipt, no. Sending Mon-Fri, on Sat-if paid earlier, Sun-day off. Only emergency, Night Express. If you need it urgently, already – order yesterday, and there will be happiness. Specifying the delivery time of NP 0800500609 name ice ,, cargo ,, We are not responsible for the carrier’s work and do not guarantee the delivery time indicated by him. We will deliver your package to the branch on time in order to be sent day after day, according to the agreements. You pay for the delivery. Even if stored in a special box, it DAILY melts 10-30% of the total mass. if you put boxing in the freezer – we will slightly lengthen the life time of ice. Sending is carried out ONLY in the SPECIAL box, your or our Boxes are of different volume: 5kg / 200UAH, 7/300, 11/250, 13/300, 19/350, 30 / 400UAH, 50/550 UAH. To the box 5 kg not included more than 5 kg of ice)). The cost of 1 kg of ice is 50 UAH. The minimum order is 5 kg (450 UAH with a box of 5 kg) Example: you order 5 kg from Kiev, Kharkov, Dnipro, Lviv. This is 450 UAH with boxing. Tentatively the next day you will pick up the parcel, which will be approximately 4 kg. Use protective gloves or a device – burns the skin. DO NOT swallow. Can be sent in your container. Boxes should be sent to Cherkasy, NP2. Pay for the transfer. The invoice number is sent in the evening of the day of dispatch. If you want the ЕН number faster, install the New Mail application. To avoid errors, We all write on Viber 0674055355

Dry ice is an interesting novelty that has started to appear on holidays recently. And the reason for non-use before was the fact that the features of this substance were not fully understood and studied. But everything has changed for the better, and now dry ice is a perfect addition to wedding dances, bartender shows, unique photo shoots and any other event where it is important to create the effect of a beautiful haze.
A nice feature of such a product as dry ice is the fact that, going from solid to gaseous, it leaves no traces. This makes it nice and interesting to work with. Please note that we send dry ice by carriers only in special boxes that guarantee the product’s integrity and, consequently, overall safety. The minimum product order is 5 kg.
You can contact our managers for more detailed information. Order!