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» "Bright Final" » яф20-7 "Зорецвіт"

яф20-7 “Зорецвіт”

200 грн. / 1 pc.
500 грн. / 1 block

Caliber 20mm. Seven 20-gauge rounds at the finish of your salute.

This is a “fan” salute, with a radial (angle to vertical) shot at the same time. Used often for weddings and birthdays. It is necessary to put the broad side to the viewers.
A salute that you will have one of the seven effects that is on the video.

1pcs / 200UAH
1 unit / 3 pieces / 500 UAH
Unit 1 includes three sections of 7 tubes (three volleys of seven simultaneous shots).

Caliber 20 mm.
Number of charges up to 9 charges