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» Comets, Candles, Flashes

Comets, Candles, Flashes

Flash Stage SS-3S Silver

Flash Stage SS-3S Silver

Flash Stage, silver.

Flash combustion height – 2,5 – 3 m., Burning time 1 sec.
100 UAH / 1 pc
400 uah / 1 block / 5 pcs
Initiation with electric ignition – electric (crown, battery) IMPORTANT! Not designed for arson with a lighter.

140 грн. / 1 pc.
560 грн. / 1 block
Fors 03

Fors 03

Force Fountain 03
175 UAH / 1 pcs
700 UAH / 5 pcs / 1 block
Pyrotechnic fountain for the production of dynamic figures.
Has sufficient jet propulsion to rotate both vertical and horizontal wheels.
Burning height -2 m.
Burning time – 60 sec.
In the area of the nozzle there is a colored flame with a change of color from blue to red.
Very popular with organizers of fire shows, because when burning produces very little smoke.

244 грн. / 1 pc.
979 грн. / 1 block
Comets pyrotechnic KP-9

Comets pyrotechnic KP-9

Comets pyrotechnic KP-9

Caliber: 30 mm / Number of charges: 9 / Flight altitude: 60-70 m / The principle of departure of the charge: vertical / Manufacturer: Agency holiday / Hours: 3 sec

The recommended distance to the spectator is 50 m

1400 грн.
PRO08 Flash Silver

PRO08 Flash Silver

PRO08 Flash Silver

200 UAH/1 PC
900 UAH/1 block/5pcs
Flash 1-2 sec,
Height-8 m
Only use outdoors.
Method of initiation-electric, not ignited with a lighter.


280 грн. / 1 pc.
1260 грн. / 1 block
Comet Pyrotechnic

Comet Pyrotechnic

Comet Pyrotechnic

100 UAH / 1 pc

1000/1 unit /11 pcs /

Caliber -30 mm, Working time -5 sec, 3 types of color: Red, Yellow, Purporno.

Initiation by means of electric ignition – electric (crown, institution). IMPORTANT! Not designed for arson with a lighter.

140 грн. / 1 pc.
1400 грн. / 1 block
Stroboscope pyrotechnic white

Stroboscope pyrotechnic white

Stroboscope pyrotechnic white

45 UAH / 1 pc

100 UAH / 3 pieces / 1 block

Burning time 60 sec.

62 грн. / 1 pc.
140 грн. / 1 block
Contour Candle SK-60s

Contour Candle SK-60s

15 UAH / 1 pc

1200 UAH / 1 block / 100 pieces

colors: red, blue, green, yellow

Contour candle SK-60s – in the process of burning creates a rich, bright, shiny, flame for 60 seconds. Suitable for creating fire characters, panels and other pyrotechnic shapes.

21 грн. / 1 pc.
1680 грн. / 1 block
FL-1 Flame colored red

FL-1 Flame colored red

FL-1 Flame colored red

burning time – 60 sec

flame height – 50 cm


280 грн.


1 шт / 30 грн
5шт / 1 блок / 120 грн

Пьезо Зажигалка с турбо нагнетателем. не гаснет на ветру и в дождь. Есть фонарик. Регулируется подача газа. Зажигалка многократная – заправляется из баллона без переходником.

42 грн. / 1 pc.
168 грн. / 1 block
Gas for a lighter

Gas for a lighter

Gas for lighters with adapters
Gas – capacity 90 ml

56 грн.

Comets, candles and flashes – the best new pyrotechnics in one catalog

Is it possible to surprise the modern consumer and the spectator with pyrotechnics? After all, everyone is used to stage fountains, fireworks and any other popular pyrotechnic effects. But we will say with confidence that there is still a lot of unknown that attracts attention, enchants and causes admiration. Moreover, the world of pyrotechnics is developing so rapidly that, regardless of holiday trends, there will always be something that can really surprise and delight.

Buy comets, candles and flashes from the online catalog of the company “Pyrozabava”

Not always the most impressive is what costs a lot of money. And a clear proof of this is the range of this category in our catalog, where we are happy to present to your attention wonderful pyrotechnic novelties and familiar models of pyrotechnics. Available – a variety of comets, flashes, pyrotechnic candles and more, which will be the perfect addition to any holiday, event or personal entertainment.
We offer you our best offers that will take your professional services to a qualitatively new level. With the best range of our pyrotechnic flashes, candles, comets and other effects, fire shows will become even brighter, wedding celebrations will be even more impressive, and public events will be memorable. At our experts you can specify possibilities of discounts on wholesale orders thanks to what purchases will be the most favorable.
We invite you to a review of the best pyrotechnics from “Pyrozabava”!