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» Fireworks Kiev

Fireworks Kiev

Professional Fireworks Irpin

Professional Fireworks Irpin

Professional Fireworks Irpin

Professional fireworks for 2227 shots lasting 7 minutes, consisting of household and professional pyrotechnics (50-150 mm.). The fireworks work with a front with 5 seats and a width of 150 m. The diameter of the opening of professional charges is up to 100 m. firing intensity 5 shots per second, in the Fireworks there are all the popular pyrotechnic effects: whirligigs, bumblebees, whistles, fading, chrysanthemums, palm trees, peonies, gold, red and silver comets, crackles, and many others.
Safe distance to the spectator 100-150 m.
Time to prepare Fireworks at the place of shooting – up to 8 hours.
Delivery across Ukraine is free.

121799 грн.
Fireworks on US Independence Day

Fireworks on US Independence Day

Fireworks on US Independence Day
Salute to the Independence Day of the USA
Selfish Club fireworks
Professional fireworks for 617 shots.
Caliber 100-75-63-50-30-25-20mm
Duration 2:37 minutes
Front of 4 seats
Type of volleys: Radial and vertical
Intensity of household salutes: 5 volleys in 1 second

Safe distance to the spectator – 150m
Performed by the team Pirozabava
Order: +380674055355

50932 грн.
Fireworks Foresters Obukhov Combined mix of 428 shots

Fireworks Foresters Obukhov Combined mix of 428 shots

Fireworks Foresters Obukhov Combined mix of 428 shots

Combined fireworks mix for 428 shots, including 72 shots caliber 50-63-75-100-125-150mm
Fireworks work on the front from three places. Due to the difference in calibers, a tiered cascade of gaps occurs in the sky. Professional calibers have a opening diameter of about 50-100 meters, which gives the effect of depth and saturation for fireworks.
Approximate Duration 200 seconds
Safe distance to the spectator is 100 meters

44800 грн.

Salute in Kiev – the best addition to the holiday in the capital

The symbolism of the salute is always about the holiday, fun, joy and happiness. No wonder it is so often chosen to complement any celebration, because in itself the contemplation of a beautiful show already evokes wonderful emotions inside and, perhaps, even memories of a happy childhood. This is the reason why so often salutes are ordered for birthdays, weddings, public celebrations, festivals and any other events where guests of the celebration or spectators gather.

Why order fireworks for the holiday
Years go by, but the relevance of this pyrotechnic miracle does not disappear. What is the reason? That with the help of a beautiful salute you can make any event unforgettable, memorable, bright and beautiful. Moreover, if we are talking about private celebrations, complementing the end of the celebration with fireworks can contribute to beautiful unique photos that in the future will be reminiscent of this wonderful day. The salute is really charming, and it is so loved by all without exception.
So, in a world where there is a huge range of entertainment that can be implemented almost anywhere in the world, why are fireworks still so popular? Progress does not stand still, and every day there are new impressive effects that become available not only to professionals but also to the average user who can use such pyrotechnics for their own private celebrations and more.
Why choose a quality salute as a supplement to your unforgettable holiday in the capital? First, it is inexpensive. You may be surprised, but buying a good salute can be much cheaper than attracting professional groups of artists. Secondly, it’s spectacular, and it’s hard to argue with that. Any salute is incredibly beautiful and attracts attention. Third, it is universal, because good fireworks will be interesting for everyone, regardless of age.
When buying fireworks for use, it is important not to forget about safety and basic rules. And if you are not familiar with these, you should carefully examine the packaging on the product, which often contains all the necessary information. Moreover, do not hesitate to ask similar questions to our experts, because it depends on your safety, as well as the safety of guests at your celebration. We will be happy to help you with advice.

Quality salutes in Kiev: varieties and ordering options

On what holidays are fireworks usually ordered in the capital? There is no clear distinction between celebrations that should end with holiday fireworks and those that are too small for that. Usually it all depends on the wishes of the organizer and guests, as well as financial capabilities. We assure you that you can successfully choose a beautiful salute in Kiev in accordance with any opportunities, including any wishes regarding the effects, colors and overall style.
What fireworks in Kiev can be ordered from “Pyrozabavy”? We offer you any kind of fireworks that you could see at national celebrations, in acquaintances on private holidays, from the window at the neighbors and others that can only draw your imagination. If you clearly know what kind of fireworks you want to see at your own celebration, then you can get acquainted with the range. If you need help in determining – our experts will always be able to help you make decisions with advice and leading questions.
Another option that has become increasingly popular recently is a turnkey salute service in Kyiv. What is its essence? If you do not know how to choose and run a salute and would like to entrust everything to professionals, we will be happy to help you solve this simple problem. Our specialists are mobile and will be able to go to your place of celebration under certain arrangements to carry out the necessary preparatory actions, as well as to launch your salute.

Buy fireworks in Kiev in the company “Pirozabava”

How to place an order for fireworks in Kiev in the company “Pirozabava”? Very simple, and two options. First, you can choose the model yourself, placing an order for it through the site and agreeing with our managers on the terms of delivery of the order. Secondly, you can contact us by asking us for a consultation or by discussing the details of ordering a turnkey salute in Kiev. It all depends solely on your wishes, capabilities and expectations of the result.
We wish you the best holiday in your life!