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» Fountains wholesale

Fountains wholesale

WHOLESALE VF-3 Fire fountain

WHOLESALE VF-3 Fire fountain

combustion height up to 1.5 meters

working time – 20 sec

1 box contains 40 packs, each with 10 fountains. That is, there are 400 fountains in 1 box,
143 $ / 40/10

5600 грн.
WHOLESALE VF-10 Fire fountain

WHOLESALE VF-10 Fire fountain

Working time 50 sec,
height 4-5 m
in 1 box 36 packs each with 1 fountain

$ 168,4 / 36/1

6580 грн.
Gas for a lighter

Gas for a lighter

Gas for lighters with adapters
Gas – capacity 90 ml

56 грн.

Street fountains are a good addition to outdoor ceremonies

Until recently, it was believed that pyrotechnic products are exclusively intended for outdoor use, as it is dangerous indoors. And this is partly true, but we hasten to inform you that the new models are best suited for use in all conditions. Of course, this does not mean that fireworks can be used at home, but some types of pyrotechnics will be effective both outdoors and indoors. One of these is certain types of stage fountains, which can best decorate any holiday on a budget.

To buy street fountains cheap in the catalog “Pyrozabava”

In what situations will stage fountains be useful? This type of pyrotechnics has long been a favorite not only for users but also for professionals who complement their own service with good pyrotechnic services. For example, any wedding ritual acquires additional magic if it is accompanied by a bright glow of sparks from fountains. Moreover, with experience and skills, launching fountains is quite simple and safe, it is only important to choose the right type.
In addition to universal options, there are, of course, those whose scale can be assessed only in the fresh air, where there is enough space. The best example in this regard are the beautiful street fountains, which will look stylish at city celebrations, in the design of the stage and other places to which it is important to draw attention, in addition to private holidays, especially wedding ceremonies cutting the cake and the first dance of the newlyweds.
What stage fountains for the street can be ordered in our catalog? In this category we offer you the best models of fountains to order in bulk. This way, you can save a lot by getting a nice discount on the purchase of fountains in boxes or boxes with several boxes of fountains. For detailed information, you can contact our managers, who will guide you in the possibilities of ordering, as well as in the prices for various options.
We offer you the best spectacular stage fountains, which will be your perfect addition to any celebrations, as well as to other events of a more private nature, such as the offer of hand and heart, birthdays, christenings and other events. And this option of wholesale purchase will undoubtedly be ideal for those who offer similar services on a regular basis in order to make their own service even more saturated.

High-quality stage fountains wholesale from “Pyrozabava”

We invite you to take advantage of one of the best opportunities in our catalog, which provides excellent prices, as well as incredible quality pyrotechnic products that will help you bring your professionalism to an even higher level. Our specialists will be able to offer you the best options, as well as guide you in prices that are much more profitable for wholesale orders than for the purchase of such pyrotechnics by the piece.
Complement your holiday with a real pyrotechnic show in the form of beautiful yard fountains from the company “Pyrozabava”!