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» Katyushi


Fireworks Katyusha 25 rounds MS-25

Fireworks Katyusha 25 rounds MS-25

Fireworks Katyusha 25 rounds MS-25

50 uah / 1 pc,

cononada salute / 1 installation

70 грн.
Mini-salute installation Katyusha 36 shots K1130C8

Mini-salute installation Katyusha 36 shots K1130C8

Mini-salute installation Katyusha 36 shots K1130C8

In which the missiles fly in the form of zigzag snakes with a large characteristic whistle.
Number of shots: 36
Caliber, mm: 8
Height of charge rise, m: 20
Operating time: 30 sec
Manufacturer: Extravaganza
The principle of departure of charges: vertical

112 грн.
Katyusha 50 shots k1130c7 Feyeriya 

Katyusha 50 shots k1130c7 Feyeriya 

Katyusha 50 shots k1130c7 Feyeriya 

Caliber: 5mm / Number of charges: 50 / Flight height: 20m / Principle of charge discharge: vertical / Manufacturer: Joker fireworks / Hours: 20 sec


140 грн.
МС-100  ” Katyusha “

МС-100 ” Katyusha “

190 UAH / 1 pc.,

Cannon salute / 1 installation

266 грн.
Катюша МС-300

Катюша МС-300

The goods ended in stock.

Катюша МС-300

300- пострілів

560 грн.


1 шт / 30 грн
5шт / 1 блок / 120 грн

Пьезо Зажигалка с турбо нагнетателем. не гаснет на ветру и в дождь. Есть фонарик. Регулируется подача газа. Зажигалка многократная – заправляется из баллона без переходником.

42 грн. / 1 pc.
168 грн. / 1 block
Gas for a lighter

Gas for a lighter

Gas for lighters with adapters
Gas – capacity 90 ml

56 грн.

Pyrotechnic coils are interesting effects for special occasions

Quality pyrotechnics – this is something that should definitely be in the arsenal of those who love to create beautiful holidays. The ideal option is the ability to combine different pyrotechnic effects, which allows you to create something truly exclusive, one that will be different from the standard application of a salute installation. Fortunately, the company “Pirozabava” has many different interesting options for high quality pyrotechnics, which can be ordered at pleasantly reasonable prices for everyone.

Order a pyrotechnic coil from the Pirozabava company

What is a pyrotechnic coil? The question is relevant, because if we talk about fireworks, sparklers or any other similar effects, they are more familiar and understandable to us in terms of application and effectiveness. But what is Katyusha? In their functioning, they are very similar to fireworks, but the scale and effects themselves are slightly different. In order to understand what it is, you need to see this beautiful show in person at least once, enjoying a unique and unparalleled performance.
Katyusha is a concept relatively unknown to the average consumer who is looking for good interesting pyrotechnics for entertainment purposes. To help you understand the details, let’s discuss when to use the coils. This version of pyrotechnics will be useful for entertainment, on New Year’s holidays, as well as for shooting interesting videos that include in its structure interesting unusual effects, such as shots.
Why choose Katyusha as an interesting pyrotechnics? First, because it is not like any other type of pyrotechnics. It is clearly simpler than a standard salute, and at the same time no less exciting given the effect. Charges fly out with great speed, thus creating the impression of real action. And if you are looking for something unusual that is different from the simple options for holiday pyrotechnics, you should definitely try Katyusha in action.
What options of coils are available for order in the online catalog of the company “Pyrozabava”? Any that are available to you financially and that you need for certain purposes. And these are models with a small number of shots for rehearsal, as well as large ones, which will be useful for planning entertainment and for shooting videos. You can learn more about the range, as well as clarify the details of the order, including the possibility of purchasing at the best price, from our specialists.

Assortment of pyrotechnic coils from “Pyrozabavy”

Is it possible to order Katyusha in the catalog of the company “Pirozabava”? Undoubtedly so, and we will tell you even more: the range of such types of pyrotechnics in our company will pleasantly surprise you. You can order a reel for 25, 50, 100 and 300 shots according to your goals. Before use, we sincerely recommend that you read the rules of operation to ensure the safest launch conditions for both the operator and for those who will enjoy the show.
We recommend that you familiarize yourself with the range and place an order!