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» The Petardi band

The Petardi band

Wholesale prices – the purchase of goods by boxes, in the amount of 27000 UAH (more than 1000 $). You will get wholesale prices.

Shipping charge is yours. Sending only at 100% payment on the card or advance payment is not less than 1000 UAH, the rest – the calculation on the branch
Dial +38-067-405-53-55.

Wholesale K 0201 “Cossack”

Wholesale K 0201 “Cossack”

in 1 box 24 adhesions in which 10 boxes in everyone on 60 firecrackers

   $ 85 / 1 box / 24/10/60

3304 грн.
WHOLESALE K0202 Corsair 2

WHOLESALE K0202 Corsair 2

effect – 2 explosions / 1 firecracker
  in 1 box 24 adhesions in which 10 boxes in everyone on 20 firecrackers

   $ 73/1 box / 24/10/20

2856 грн.
wholesale “Rocket Entertainment №0445”

wholesale “Rocket Entertainment №0445”

wholesale “Rocket Entertainment №0445”

$ 117.1 / 1 drawer
vertical takeoff with a whistle and a gap in the sky / 1 rocket.

4564 грн.
Petard “Terrible Power” PT 777

Petard “Terrible Power” PT 777

Firecracker ignited by oppression.
8 grams of pyrotechnic substance

$ 176/1 box

6888 грн. / 1 pc.
7028 грн. / 1 block
Band M504 Air wheel

Band M504 Air wheel

Band M504 Air wheel

Pyrotechnic air wheel M-504, looks like a firecracker with wings or a pyrotechnic butterfly. Has a wick, wick burning time 8 sec.
For operation the product needs to be put on the earth and to set fire to a wick. The wheel begins to spin and soars into the sky creating a bright effect of multicolored spinning whirligig.
The size of the product is 6.5 by 11 cm.
Wheel run time 8 sec.

$ 134.6 / 1 box


187 грн.
WHOLESALE M526 “Butterfly”

WHOLESALE M526 “Butterfly”

effect – vertical takeoff / 1 firecracker
in 1 box 24 adhesions in which 10 boxes in everyone on 12 firecrackers

$ 200,8/1 box / 24/10/12

7840 грн.
WHOLESALE T 8500 “Chesno Bach”

WHOLESALE T 8500 “Chesno Bach”

effect – when thrown on the ground – cracks
in 1 box 6 adhesions in which 50 boxes in everyone on 50 firecrackers

91,3$/1 box / 6/50/50

3556 грн.


1 шт / 30 грн
5шт / 1 блок / 120 грн

Пьезо Зажигалка с турбо нагнетателем. не гаснет на ветру и в дождь. Есть фонарик. Регулируется подача газа. Зажигалка многократная – заправляется из баллона без переходником.

42 грн. / 1 pc.
168 грн. / 1 block
Gas for a lighter

Gas for a lighter

Gas for lighters with adapters
Gas – capacity 90 ml

56 грн.

Quality firecrackers wholesale on the most favorable terms

The variety of pyrotechnic products and beautiful effects has long attracted the attention not only of professionals but also the average consumer. And if recently pyrotechnics were used in most cases to make interesting videos and movies, as well as to organize large-scale effects on national and city holidays, in recent years, some of the effects have become quite common on personal holidays such as weddings, birthdays , family celebrations.

To buy firecrackers wholesale in the Pyrozabava company

What types of pyrotechnics are used most often? It is difficult to say, because with the growing interest in pyrotechnic products has significantly expanded the range of their use. And some of them are indispensable in creating the best special effects, thanks to which masterpieces are born. A great example of such pyrotechnics are firecrackers of different power, which help to achieve the desired sound and visual effect. You can buy such in bulk from the pages of the catalog “Pyrozabava”.
First of all, let’s note in a nutshell, what is a firecracker. This is one of the types of pyrotechnic trinkets that can be used for different purposes. The most common is entertainment during the New Year holidays. The design itself is a housing, which can be both paper and plastic (as well as in a specific form), and an explosive mixture inside, which is actuated by external factors (fire, impact, friction and others).
What firecrackers are available for inspection and order in the catalog of the company “Pyrozabava”? On the pages of our categories we have collected for you the most interesting options for firecrackers. Classic models, which are easy to use and inexpensive, have become especially popular. But often attract attention and exclusive high-power models, as well as those that are characterized by additional effects. Incredibly interesting are those that take off vertically and have high power.
Why is it profitable to take firecrackers in bulk? First of all, because firecrackers are consumed very quickly, and sometimes this is not enough to enjoy the entertainment to the fullest. Secondly, during the holiday season the range is quickly depleted due to high demand. And it is often difficult to find something worthy closer to the holidays. Thirdly, it is incredibly profitable, as the company “Pyrozabava” offers nice discounts for everyone who orders a whole package or block.

The best firecrackers wholesale from the supplier “Pyrozabava”

We are sincerely glad to welcome you in this category of our online store, where we offer both professionals and ordinary users quality models of firecrackers at the best prices. Here you can place a wholesale order, receiving a nice bargain. We send all goods by mail across Ukraine, in addition advising you if necessary concerning rules of operation, and also safety precautions when working with pyrotechnics.
We are waiting for your wholesale orders!